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Why Be Idle When You Can Run With Knives


1 Discovery: Plumber Bugs  - Is She a Real Boy?

Heather determines that life with a silver spoon is not for her. Too many times the words "No, you can't do that," were heard. Not one to settle for the mundane or societal norms, she throws away a middle-class life to find adventure with the 'working class'.

2 The Working Life: My First Office Job - My First Real Job

All the basics were learned. She felt that if one is to become a leader, one must learn and understand the employees in the lower ranks. She attempted to set her own path by calculated progressions or sometimes just sheer luck happened.

3 An Unexpected Detour: Dashed Ocean Dreams

A long-time dream of participating in a Transpac sailing race is thwarted on the day of sailing by a crew member who had invited her to participate. Heather is stranded in an unfamiliar town and tries to salvage her dream.

4 The Working Life reinvented: The Spy Who Wasn't - Real Estate Services Come Together

Work was definitely her play. She persisted through a man's world with camaraderie and a positive outlook on people and life.

5 Unique Housing Searches

Heather reveals some strange and unusual decorating schemes.

6 Aventures In Dining: Why Cook? For a Date, Eat it Raw

Are there good reasons to starve on a luxury cruise, or to not eat on a first date?

7 Adventures in Travel: Costa Rica 1996

A trip back in recent times when travel was fun.

8 Pleasures and Other Muses: Wind Ensemble at Mount Baker - Skiing - Hats On

As with work, Heather starts as a beginner to master basic skills before attempting advanced positions. But again, with good preparation, she takes on challenges and perseveres.

9 The Silver Years: Age of Electronics - On Cleaning House - Glamping - City Girl Moves to the Desert - Mesmerized - Old Age

Never too old to start a new project. Except the glamping life may not be what it is cracked up to be.

Dealing with old age she adapts to and takes a leap out of Washington to the desert, site unseen. At first observing of what she perceived as oddities of the culture in Arizona, these characteristics eventually become her. She reveals her dreams and then the reality of them.   

10 In Memory: Mutt Friends - Father's WWII Recollection

Memories of loved ones. A small world brings two Navy veterans together unexpectedly after 40 plus years.

11 Dear Friends Where Have You Gone?: Twin Towers