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A story began when various friends suggested that Heather write about her life's adventures. Several writing groups gave her the support and inspiration needed to gain momentum on writing stories about her experiences.

It has been a journey for her to transition from writing factual reports to writing creative nonfiction. She has gone on to write various tales of her adventures and mishaps.


An anthology with four of her writing friends is now available on Amazon. "Tales From A Writers' Circle" ISBN 979-8373980562


If you enjoyed those stories, new and adapted personal essays have just been released in August 2023. Click on the 'My Works' menu to see the table of contents.  "Why Be Idle When You Can Run With Knives"  ISBN 979-8-9882718-2-6 is available at Harbor Books in Hoquiam, WA.  Or, please ask for it at your favorite bookstore or any on-line book store, such as www.bookshop.org.


Her short flash fiction writing will be included in "50 Give Or Take" Vine Leaves Press, prerelease available in November 2023.


She has contributed articles for a garden trade magazine, and was a newsletter editor for a plant society. She enjoys leading garden tours and giving presentations on gardening.